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Portfolio Manager
Senior Wealth Advisor
iA Private Wealth
BA (Economics), University of Western Ontario
Phone: 416.785.0513 X 203

Chuck embarked on his distinguished career in wealth management by actively trading his own funds on both the Toronto and Montreal exchanges. During this period, he meticulously acquired comprehensive market knowledge, delving into research, design, and implementation of his proprietary trading systems. This hands-on experience has equipped him with unique insights that he seamlessly integrates into the development of well-rounded client portfolios.

Capitalizing on this wealth of knowledge, Chuck has forged a successful path as a Portfolio Manager—a distinction bestowed upon a select group of professionals in Canada, uniquely authorized to make daily investment decisions for their clients.

Chuck’s passion lies in researching market movements and identifying new investment opportunities to enhance the depth of client portfolios. Frequently engrossed in spreadsheets or immersed in investment literature, he remains dedicated to staying ahead in the dynamic financial landscape.

Beyond his professional commitments, Chuck is an engaged member of the Midweek Cycling Club, he actively participates in races, and he contributes through volunteering to organize and manage club events.