Our Team


Licensed Assistant
iA Private Wealth
Marketing & Client Relations
BA (Economics), University of Western Ontario
Phone: 416.785.0513 X 206

Stewart assumes a leadership role in marketing and communications at Watermark Wealth Management, dedicating a significant portion of his professional endeavors to cultivating relationships with both existing and potential clients.

Following a successful tenure in the pharmaceutical industry, Stewart transitioned to the financial sector in May 2005, assuming the position of a founding partner at Watermark Wealth Management alongside Chuck Magyar and David Lyon.

The recently expanded team is characterized by a shared set of values and beliefs, with a particular emphasis on the significance of trustworthiness and an unwavering commitment to prioritizing the clients’ interests.

Recognized for his exceptional communication skills, Stewart is dedicated to simplifying the financial industry’s language. He firmly holds the belief that every wealth concept can be conveyed lucidly, without relying on technical terminology. As a team member, he is known for his warmth, personability, compassion, and understanding.

Outside of professional commitments, Stewart engages in activities such as golfing, culinary pursuits, and the ongoing refinement of his skills in sourdough bread making.